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Misogynistic Extremism, The Manosphere, and Mainstream Social Media | September 2023

Diverting Hate Bi-Annual Report September 2023

In our second report for 2023, we dive into the multifaceted landscape of extreme misogyny across languages, ideologies, and platforms, with a focus on three critical sections: inceldom, the global reach of the manosphere, and social media’s role in spreading hate.

We hope this report enables our readers to:

  • examine incels' path to radicalization through the lens of terrorism models

  • recognize the global and influenced nature of the manosphere as a threat

  • understand the significant role that social media platforms play in spreading and advancing extreme misogynistic ideas and beliefs.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you learned in this report and how we can improve our research for future reports.

Fill out our survey here.

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