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Misogynistic Extremism, The Manosphere, and Mainstream Social Media

Diverting Hate Bi-Annual Report March 2023

In our first of two reports for 2023, the Diverting Hate team gives an overview of the manosphere, a dive into misogynistic activity on two mainstream platforms, and a case study on the incel response to protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini.

We hope you find this report both approachable and informative.

Looking Ahead

We are in a pivotal moment for women's rights, safety, and freedoms both domestically and globally. A strong and, at times fatal, backlash to feminist progress is a growing concern, and we feel our work is more important than ever.

In 2023, our team is expanding our research across languages, platforms, groups, and ideologies within the manosphere. We are developing effective targeting strategies and plan to execute intervention campaigns via digital marketing advertising.

Our diversion campaigns will include partnering with academics, influencers, content creators, community groups, and mental health support tools in the hopes of reaching individuals before they engage too deeply with harmful content.

We’re seeking these partnerships now and if you or someone you know are interested in our methodology and working together to prevent and counter misogynistic extremism, please reach out to us today at

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